Imagine a week where you didn’t have to wonder what you’re making for dinner. 

Here's what you get:

FIVE comforting and flavorful plant-based meals your family will actually eat (really!)

Printable PDF that's easy to view on an all devices for quick reference 

Grocery list organized by section with tips to save at the store

Step-by-step instructions to walk you through the meal plan from prep to plate

Zero leftovers - every ingredient is used throughout the plan so there's no waste

What's on the menu?

Vegetable Bolognese with Protein-Packed Marinara Sauce Easy Vegan Taquitos with Guacamole Veggie Meatloaf Cups with Protein-Packed Mashed Potatoes Vegan Mac & Cheese Pizza Night! (w/Salad)

“I have been looking for ways to add meatless dishes to my weekly family meals and this plan does just that! Nothing too weird or difficult to make and all my meat loving people were completely fooled by the yummy goodness. Beth really delivers with a twist on these family classics. You won't be disappointed. ”

LaVerna D. - meal plan tester

I’d bet 10 bucks that this has happened to you.

You walk into the kitchen and open the fridge. All you see are ingredients. So you open the pantry, hoping the dinner fairy got stuck in there and is just waiting to help. No such luck. Open the fridge again. Same ingredients. No dinner fairy. No plan.

Just then, you hear the question…"What’s for dinner?"

You’re probably getting a little stressed now, right? I get it. I’ve been in that same situation more times than I can count. Here’s the thing. Cooking plant-based requires, you know, actual cooking. And that can be a joy, but most of the time it’s a pain in the you-know-what, because there’s just so much THINKING involved.

What if you had a whole week of meals planned for you? 

That’s why I made you this meal plan. You'll get step-by step instructions to prep and cook 5 dinners - all plant-based, all using pronounceable ingredients you can find at your grocery store. Every bit of planning is done for you - all have you do is follow the directions. If you've ever wished that someone would just tell you what to do next, this is the meal plan for you.

"Will my family actually eat this?"

That feeling when you’ve slaved over a meal that no one will eat - UGH. It’s the worst. I’ve tested these meals on my own family and my picky eaters gobble them up (usually), but more importantly, they’ve been tested by people across the country, who text pictures like this:

"Dinner was a hit tonight."

(from Lynn, one of the awesome meal plan testers)

From prep, to plate - I've got you covered.

You’ll get a grocery list organized by section (produce, pantry, spices, etc.), and clear instructions for every step of the process. You’ll do one big prep session, and then meal nights will be a cinch because you’ve already gotten a big head start. 

“I liked the anticipation of the things I would be making with all I had just chopped, and liked that everything was portioned and ready to go. Making the meals took only a few minutes of actual work. ”

Jessicah J. - meal plan tester

"What will I do with the extra ingredients?"

You’ll use up every bit of what you make in this meal plan, because most of the meals use up leftovers from a previous meal, on purpose. 

“You've organized things so well, I had virtually no waste or leftovers whatsoever.”

Eva C. - meal plan tester

"This sounds great, but how much does it cost?"

The cost of ingredients will vary depending on what you already have on hand, and where you live, but typically the average cost per meal for a family of four is $12. Remember that you’ll use up everything you buy, so that money is going directly into your bellies instead of in the trash.

“Beth's meal plan is affordable, healthy, and (most important) delicious! From warm and comforting pizza to fresh and lively taquitos with guacamole, Beth has your entire week of meals covered. Her plan is perfect for anyone watching their budget, time, and nutrition!”

Nichole K. - meal plan tester

I bet you've got questions.

Do I need any special equipment?

You'll need a food processor with a shredding attachment. A blender is handy as well, but not necessary if you have a food processor. Don't have one? This 8-cup model is $30 on Amazon with over 3,500 reviews and 4.5 stars. My Cuisinart is still going strong, or I'd give this one a try!

What if I don't like the meals? (It's not you, it's me)

If the meal plan doesn't work out for you, for whatever reason, just e-mail and I will gladly you issue a full refund, no questions asked.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Want another hand in the kitchen? I’m here to help! I made “cook-along” videos where I make the meal plan step-by-step in my own kitchen, so that you can have some company as you cook. It’s super important to me that this meal plan is actually helpful for you, so the videos are just one extra way that I can give you support, even if I’m not there in person.

You’re excited to get started, aren’t you? Me too. Speaking of…

Meal Plan only 

PDF Download Mobile-friendly format 

Meal Plan PLUS Cook-along Videos

PDF Download Mobile-friendly format Stream or download videos 



or name your own price

or name your own price

Who made this meal plan anyway?

Hi! I'm Beth Hornback, and I'm the Chief Recipe Developer, Maker of Messes, Doer of Dishes, and Taker of Pictures at Eat Within Your Means.

I made the recipes in this meal plan about fifty bazillion times. I hope you love them. I'm already working on the next one. Plant-Based Thanksgiving, anyone? Oh, we're going there. 

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